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About Us

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I’m Bill Mierkey, proud owner of Moonlight Garage Doors, and lifelong citizen of Colorado Springs.

I install and repair garage doors for a living now, but I have spent years helping at my dad’s fence company Mod Squad. It was there that I learned the value of honest labor and the satisfaction that comes from doing a job right. I still feel a sense of pride when I drive I25 and see the deer fence we put up. I know our attention to detail and commitment to our craft is keeping drivers safe.


I strive to bring that dedication and pursuit of excellence to every repair or installation job I do. To some technicians, it’s all about the door and the parts that make it work. But to me, having a functional garage door is about so much more. If it’s for a homeowner, I know that they keep scrapbooks, tools, and projects in their garage. And I’m helping to keep those items safe. When I install an automatic door opener, I’m saving people the hassle of getting out of their cars on a freezing day. Or an elderly person can now get in and out without help.

When I install a new door for a business owner, I’m helping to secure what is probably the biggest investment of their lives. I’m honored to be part of making their operations run smoother.

Honestly, my customers are always happy when I leave. But I’m happy too. I got the satisfaction of making a door open and close like butter. Smooth, consistent, and quiet. I’m lucky. I like what I do.

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Bright Future

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Things are looking up for Moonlight Garage Doors. When you show up on time, fix the problem fast, and treat people well, they tell their friends. And they tell their friends. We’re growing and hiring.

I’m looking forward to expanding but I’m taking my time and doing it right. Other than a stint in San Diego a few years back, my family and I are committed to Colorado Springs for the long haul. 

We’re building a solid business with the core principles I learned from my dad. Honest, hard work mixed with a people-centered ethic made his business thrive. Those qualities also define Colorado to me.

I look forward to helping your home or business get the safety, convenience, and security you deserve. Call me today and I’ll come out and give your garage door a free inspection.

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