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New Door Installation

Moonlight Garage Door has installed hundreds of doors in the Colorado Springs area. We stand ready to help increase your safety and convenience with a new, easy-to-use garage door.

From single-car garages to six-door garages in multi-million-dollar homes, and everything in between. No job is too big or too small.

When You Need a New Door

Not sure if you need a new door? Here are 7 things that might indicate it’s time for a change.

Broken handles, wires, and hinges.

Dangling wires can get caught in tracks and are unsafe. Once a door has damaged hinges and handles, it may be too late, and not cost-efficient, to replace just those parts. Replacing the entire door may be just as easy.

Dings and dents

Rocks flung from lawnmowers, wayward baseballs, and toys. Over the years these flying objects can make a door look tired and sad. New doors provide a quick update that increases property values and keeps the neighbors happy.

Security concerns

Newer models are sturdier and have smarter locking mechanisms. Garages have gone from a place to park our cars to a storage place for valuable items. Newer designs match the need to keep property safer.

Old designs

Garage doors have made big leaps in design, function, and styling. Newer doors come in a wide range of paneling types, colors, and window options. Wood doors have improved vastly in the last few decades. If curb appeal is a concern, a garage door update will do wonders.

Energy efficiency

Modern doors are designed with utility bills in mind. Insulation, weatherstripping, and sealed joints keep cool air out and warm air in. While this is a bigger issue for attached garages, it can still pay off if you keep freezers or refrigerators in detached garages. Also, your comfort level will increase with modern weatherproofed doors if you use your garage as a workspace.

Constant breakdowns

The time and money spent on repair service calls, labor, and garage door parts replacement can add up quickly. If your garage door is experiencing repeated trouble opening or closing as well as persistent breakdowns, you should consider replacing it. A garage door that keeps breaking down is also a safety risk to your valuables and your loved ones.

New Door Options

Whether you're looking for the trendy modern style to increase curb appeal, an energy-efficient door that reduces energy bills, or just want a completely reliable garage door that's also affordable, we've got a model that fits your needs.


Options include:


  • Natural wood doors

  • Highly insulated doors

  • Aluminum or steel

  • Carriage house doors

  • Flushed, raised, or recessed panels.

  • Doors with windows

  • Multiple colors and finishes

  • Decorative hardware

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The Process

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At Moonlight Garage Door we make the entire process as hassle-free as possible. Here’s what you can expect when you call us.


1. We will get as much information as possible over the phone. The more information we can gather about what is wrong with your current door and what you want in a new one, the faster we can get your installation done.


2. Together we will schedule a convenient time to visually inspect your current door. We will be looking to see if repairs are possible or if the entire door needs to go. We will measure your current door at this time.


3. Once we determine the door needs to be replaced, we will go over design options that fit your priorities and budget.


4. Depending on your choice of door we will schedule the replacement for the soonest slot we have available. This is a good time to start clearing out room for the installers to work. The more room they have, the faster the job goes.

5. Our team will arrive on-site in the morning. Our goal is to be done by the evening so that you have a secure garage by nightfall. Many of our installations are complete in four hours or less.

6. The first step is the removal of the old door and tracks if necessary. This is followed by installing new tracks, a new opener (if needed), and finally the door itself. We will haul the old door away as part of our service.

7. Once everything is installed, we thoroughly test all mechanisms. Then we’ll give a quick tour and instructions for operating and maintaining the new door.

8. Finally we do one last walk around to make sure every bit of garbage, nut, bolt, and screw is cleaned up.

9. Congrats. In less than one full workday you now have a smooth-gliding and beautiful new door.

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Call us today at 719-377-5937 for a free inspection and estimate.
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