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Spring Repair Services


If your garage door refuses to budge, then it might be time to repair or replace the springs that help assist the motor in doing its job. When you come home and the door only moves a few inches, you might think it’s time for a full door replacement. Luckily, a quick visit from us Moonlight Garage Doors to repair or replace the springs might be all you need.


It is possible, but very dangerous, to repair these yourself. By design, these springs are under a tremendous amount of tension When that tension is released, the springs can do some serious damage to anyone nearby.

Signs Of Broken Springs

Door Closes Too Quickly

Springs assist in the process of gently lowering the door. If it feels like your door comes crashing down, it could be time to replace a spring.

Crooked Door 

Your springs are either “torsion” or “extension” meaning they run parallel to the bottom of the door or perpendicular. In both cases, they are exerting an equal amount of tension on the tops and bottoms or sides. If that tension is uneven, the door will become unbalanced and go out of square.

Automatic Door Only Opens Partially

Nothing is more satisfying than pushing the remote opener and watching your garage door slide up, and out of the way. And nothing is more frustrating than when the door stops after only a foot or two.

Springs help take some of the weight off the motor that lifts the door. If the springs aren’t doing their job, the system might sense that the weight is off and automatically cease operations. 

Gaps in The Springs

All of the coils in your garage door springs should be snug tight against each other when in the untensioned position. With the door closed, examine the spring closely. If you can see daylight between the coils, then your spring might need repair.

Loud Noises

Like all mechanical devices, a garage door motor should sound smooth and relatively quiet. Any loud or irregular noises usually indicate something is off. If you hear pops, squeals, or grinding sounds, the spring may be nearing the end its useful life.


Despite being inside the garage, the springs are exposed to the elements. In a high moisture environment, they can oxidize. This will appear as red rust. Keep those springs lubricated and protected. If you inherited a garage with rusty springs, they may have a hard time doing their job.

What We Do 

If you notice any of these tell-tale signs of damaged springs, give us a call and we can inspect to get to the bottom of things.


Here’s the step-by-step of what to expect when working with us.


1. When you call, we will ask some clarifying questions to do as much diagnosing as we can. We may ask you to go out to the garage and poke around. This allows us to know what parts and tools we will need to bring onsite.

2. Together we will schedule a time to do an in-person inspection and repair. We can usually be out at your home in a few days after the call. Sometimes faster if the situation calls for it. 

3. One of our skilled tradesmen will arrive and meet you to go over what could be wrong. We strive to give you options to fit your budget. Once you agree to the scope and cost, we get to work.

4. If the repair is simple and we have the parts on hand, the repair can be made on the spot. If your spring is from a standard supplier, we will probably have it with us. If it is a non-standard spring, we may have to order one. Our repairman will know right away if parts need to be ordered. If they do, we will schedule a follow-up repair.

5. Because of our experience and training, most spring repairs take an hour.  

6. Once the repair or replacement is complete, the technician will show you what was done and how to maintain your new springs.

7. After we leave, we stand behind our work. If something stops working or feels off, feel free to give us a call. We will back out in a hurry to make it right.

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If your door is acting funny, don’t despair. At Moonlight we have 12 years of experience finding the fastest, most budget-friendly solutions to your garage door issues. While we are happy to do full garage door replacements, most issues come down to replacing smaller parts or repairing your existing door.

Give us a call today at 719-377-5937 and we can send a repair technician out for a free diagnosis and cost estimate. We’re ready to get that door opening and closing smoothly again. 
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